One fine day, I sat down, a notebook on my laps and a pen in my hand. What shall it be for today-- the story?

This is my journey.
This is how it begins.
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Destroyed Paintings by César Biojo

Cesar Biojo paints beautiful women’s portraits which particularity is the fact that he destroys his paintings after it’s done by a brush’s stroke. His oil paintings are between creation and destruction.


Child nature spirit exploring the city 


Erdal Inci: Cloned Motion gifs 


LOL.  Bonus answer—


*Chuckles* You guys are all dorks and I love you.

" Fluff attack with two #pigeons "

" Fluff attack with two #pigeons "




fish shaming [x]

jesus christ i’ve been waiting for this


"Merle. Merle." ;×;

“I could never let such a sweet girl go all by her lonesome. Plus, I know
I’ve gotta get to that shrine…I feel it in my bones. You’ve gotta take me
- Galuf



"OMG. Did you just imply what I think you did? Batz and Galuf, huh?” xP “I played it right after I finished FFV on a Famicom ( using diskette though!) by borrowing my piano teacher’s diskette there and he has this cheated one. So I just started the game with that lv 99 which admittedly stole me of that fun job time.”

"I’m like Faris’ no.1 fan ALWAYS. Also, the sisterly love is extremely cute."

It’s been a while since I played it, but I’m certain Galuf had the little heart over his head too. But the way they reacted when they found out made me certain that they had no clue about Faris’s true gender at all before that point. Because let’s face it, Bartz would never be so rough and grabby with her if he had known she was a female. He’s always been portrayed as very silly, but playing what I have of the game really showed me how incredibly mature and serious he actually is. (To be brief, I’ve been swept away by all of FFV’s characters. They’re all incredible! INCREDIBLE! I could rant forever about them and I haven’t finished the game even!!)

But dude. 83 This means Faris was tremendously handsome as a male to the point where Galuf and Bartz were taken with “him.” Ugh. *Swoons* Be still my heart! BE STILL MY HEART! THAT SCENE SHATTERED ALL MY DEFENSES AND MADE ME FALL IRREVOCABLY IN LOVE! *hopeless fangirl mode on*

Faris and Bartz are my favorite characters from FFV. XP And my OTP. And I could talk about them for ages. <3

ALSO BEFORE I KNEW THEY WERE SISTERS, I WAS TOTALLY SHIPPING FARIS AND LENNA. I KINDA WISH THEY WEREN’T RELATED BECAUSE THAT WAS A SHIP THAT MADE ME TREMENDOUSLY HAPPY. Actually, depending on what happens later in the story when I finally finish/replay the game, they might become my very first incest ship ever. ‘_’ I’ve never had one of those, but I have this intense love for Faris/Lenna and would probably ship it as a side ship I enjoy, even if it’s not my favorite/main ship.

"I will confirm you once I play it past that point then. I seem to recall both of them being as giddy as two schoolgirls. I will agree, I don’t think anyone at all know Faris is a woman until that point in time; that is why I love Faris so much. I always have weakness toward handsome, confident and wll-round chick. It is too bad I am too short to own the look." ;)

"As for Lenna, I am not sure if I will tread into the incest area yet. While Faris is extremely handsome (look at Amano’s design), Lenna is more of the cute younger sister; hence, seeing them together is purely eye candy to me. I must say though, I think FFV is the only game in the series in which I don’t really ship anyone together. It just screams friends to me." xD